Chris Johnstone

Chris Johnstone is a medical doctor, author, trainer and coach who worked for nearly twenty years as an addictions specialist in the UK National Health Service. A former Senior Teaching Fellow at Bristol University Medical School, he trains health professionals in behavioral medicine and gives courses exploring the psychological dimensions of planetary crisis. Chris is known for his work pioneering the role of resilience training in promoting positive mental health, developing self-help resources and setting up the Bristol Happiness Lectures. He is author of
Seven Ways to Build Resilience (Robinson, UK, 2019), and runs online trainings for resilience, wellbeing and active hope at

Chris has been a trainer in the Work That Reconnects for more than three decades, working with Joanna on many occasions and running facilitator trainings in the United Kingdom. He has been active in the Transition movement since its very beginnings and contributed to a chapter on the psychology of change in
The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins.

After many years living in Bristol, Chris moved to the North of Scotland, where he lives with his wife, Kirsty, their dogs and chickens, pursuing his love of growing fruit in their evolving forest garden. He continues his coaching and training work, as well as his writing and music. His website is at
He runs workshops and a facilitator training in the Work That Reconnects in the UK. Details at
He runs online trainings at