This website is still under construction and so we’ll be adding to what we have here.

Authors’ websites
For background on Joanna’'s work and thought, as well as her current teaching schedule and events.
Chris’s website, with articles he has’s written, talks and interviews on You-Tube, and details of projects he is involved in.

Some websites we’d recommend 
Information about For a new rights-based approach to protection from corporate plundering. The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and its "Democracy Schools" offer new ideas and legal tools for local action.
UK-based workshops and facilitator training in the Work That Reconnects and inner transition.
Set up and co-coedited by Chris, this site offers a free email newsletter and wWeb resources to support our participation in the Great Turning. You can subscribe at this link. 
For David Korten’'s latest commentaries on the Great Turning, with a focus on the emergence of a new economy.
An online video resource for practical orientation to the Work That Reconnects, featuring Joanna’'s reflections and demonstrations (also available as a DVD).
A blog by Rob Hopkins with the latest news on how Transition Initiatives are spreading and building resilience for a post-postcarbon era. For people and organizations concerned about nuclear power and radioactive pollution, the Nuclear Information and Resource Service offers excellent reporting, networking, and renewable energy links.
For an entree into the world of Vandana Shiva, India’'s brilliant, outspoken scientist-activist, defender of our planet’'s agricultural and food systems.
For a lively panorama of adventures in the Great Turning.