Reviews and Articles about Active Hope

The Great Turning Times newsletter is out (May 2014), viewable here.

One of the first on-line reviews of Active Hope appeared here, in Spirituality and Practice.

Thank you to John Dear for
this review in the National Catholic Reporter.

Thank you to Ian Mowill from the UK Greenspirit network for
this review.

Thank you Jill Schneiderman for this review at

Thanks to Sandra Mitchell for
this review on the Findhorn Foundation website.

Interviews with Joanna and Chris

Here is a lovely interview with Joanna at exploring a larger view of time.

There is an interview with Chris about Active Hope
here, from

You can listen to Simran Singh’s wonderful interview with Chris on Voice America Radio

Excerpts from Active Hope on the web

The Centre for Ecoliteracy has this great excerpt from Active Hope in their newsletter:

Thanks to for this great introduction to Active Hope

You can read the introduction of Active Hope
here, courtesy of the Utne Reader.

Editions of Active Hope

In addition to the English language editions, there are plans to publish Active Hope in Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish and Korean. We’ll post more details here when we have them.