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You can listen to/watch the recording of the Active Hope Book Group webinar from Feb 20th 2014 at this link here.

You can find out about, and join, the free Active Hope Book Group online resource at this link

Study Guide and Resources for Active Hope Book Groups

Active Hope guides readers on a transformative journey designed to strengthen their capacity to act for life on Earth. While reading the book alone can bring great benefits, the strengthening journey it offers is enhanced by the company of fellow readers. Increasingly, groups committed to social and ecological justice are reading this book together, with Active Hope book journeys becoming a shared process to deepen community and resource ourselves in addressing concerns about the world.

We’ve set up an free online resource to support Active Hope groups - with additional resources, interviews with people who’ve set up Active Hope groups, session plans we’ve used and a discussion forum. You can find out about this, and join, at this link

You can listen to the recording of the free webinar on Active Hope book groups, from Feb 20th 2014, at this link here.