Active Hope Training

Active Hope the book is really a tool to support Active Hope the practice.

When we do Active Hope, we:
  • Take in a clear view of reality
  • Identify our vision for what we hope will happen
  • Take active steps to help bring that vision about.

We can apply this to any situation, whether in our personal lives or our planetary context. We can also train ourselves to get better at it, seeking out insights and practices that help bring out our very best response.

The Work That Reconnects is an empowerment process designed to strengthen our ability to act for the wellbeing of life on Earth. You can find out about Work That Reconnects workshops at this link.

Chris Johnstone and Barbara Ford run an online Active Hope Training.
It is introduced by a
free webinar on 16th Sept 2018.
The course runs with six webinars at fortnightly intervals, starting on 30th Sept 2018. For more details
see this link.

Other sources of information about trainings in the Work That Reconnects and Active Hope can be found at:

The Work That Reconnects page on Facebook at
this link.

The Work That Reconnects UK page on Facebook at
this link

The Active Hope page on Facebook at
this link.

The UK Ecopsychology Ning Site at
this link. offer WTR workshops in the UK.